Is it wrong to skinny dip with only guys around?

Last updated on October 6, 2020


I’m 19 years old, and I am a Christian and have been since a young age. 

An incident occurred the other day with some of my friends and I. All are males. We were at one of my ponds on my farm, away from houses, and out of view.  They decided to go skinny dipping and I persuaded them no to because honestly, I didn’t know if it would have been wrong of us to or not. There were five of us, and we’ve grown up together since kids, but I was just unsure of it, and since it was my property they respected what I asked and did not go. 

Would it had been wrong for us to have gone swimming naked if there was no way for someone to see us, because the pond is nowhere near the house, and there were no girls there? I think they were just doing to just do it — like an adrenaline thrill maybe.

The guys were all aged 18 or 19. I would like your advice in case something like this happens again.


Perhaps in the past, a person could argue that there is nothing wrong with guys swimming together in the nude, but given this culture’s emphasis on homosexuality, such innocence doesn’t exist. I agree that the main appeal was the thrill of doing something that they all thought wasn’t proper. So where did the thrill come from? Is it a thrill to see other guys naked? That would be tempting others with lust. Is the thrill a realization that while no one is around, someone could show up? Again, it is not a good motivation.

Perhaps you should suggest that they bring swimsuits the next time they come.