My foreskin doesn’t roll back when I’m erect

Last updated on March 27, 2023



I’m 18 yrs old and just 5’7″. My penis is about 5 inches in length and around 4 inches in girth. I masturbate almost daily for the last two years.

My problem is that my penis skin does not go back behind my glans. I can only see a small portion of the glans. But it rolls back when it’s not erect. And my penis head is very sensitive and painful to touch. It’s very embarrassing. I never had any physical relationship with my girlfriend due to this. Is my penis skin normal? When it will become stretched?

I have not grown in height since last year. I have hair growing on my face, stomach, and chest. My father doesn’t have any hair on his chest and stomach but I am getting a lot. Is this due to masturbation?

Please answer.


You should not be looking to have sex when you are not married. Sex outside of marriage is sinful. See Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong for details about why.

The skin covering the end of your penis is called your foreskin. You are not circumcised, so you have your foreskin intact. The foreskin retracts (rolls back) when you are not erect because the circumference of your penis is smaller. But when you are erect, the opening at the end of the foreskin is too small to allow the foreskin to retract over your erect penis. There are stretches that you can do to encourage the end of the foreskin to relax enough to roll back. For details see: I can pull my foreskin back, but it is really tight.

In regards to sensitivity, it is because your glans (the head at the end of your penis) is not being exposed. This makes the nerves in the glans extra sensitive. For details on how to deal with sensitivity, see: A close friend is uncircumcised and his penis is extremely sensitive to the touch. The only problem you might have is being able to get your foreskin back until you get past stretching the opening.

Masturbation does not cause hair growth. The reason you have more hair than your father is because of your genetics. You inherit from both your mother and your father. Your particular blend of genes gives you more hair.


Thanks a lot, sir, for your suggestions.

I will not do sex before marriage, but my girlfriend always offers me a blowjob, and I say no as if she comes to know it. She may mention it to others, and I don’t want that.

I have already read this one: A close friend is uncircumcised and his penis is extremely sensitive to the touch. I’m doing the first two points for the last 2 to 3 months. There’s a little bit of progress and the sensitivity has been reduced, but it comes back after some time. I could not understand the third point. Where do I have to put my fingers and where do I have to rub or apply vaseline? Also when I retract the foreskin and sleep, it swells up until morning.


Just to make sure you understand the terms, a blowjob is having oral sex. It is still sex even if you aren’t having intercourse. See: Is oral sex before marriage ok? and My boyfriend and I plan to get married so is oral sex wrong in our situation?

Trying to reduce your sensitivity before solving your phimosis is not practical. The difficulty of unsheathing your penis when it is erect has to be solved first, then the sensitivity issue can be addressed.

The swelling is due to the phimosis acting as a tight band around your penis. Since men get four to five erections per night, your circulation is being restricted which results in swelling. If you aren’t able to stretch the opening of your foreskin, then you are best off seeing a doctor about treatment.