What is the best treatment for heat rash under the testicles?

Last updated on August 13, 2020


What is the best treatment for heat rash under the testicles?


Heat rashes, also called “prickly heat rash,” can occur in hot, humid conditions. The medical term is “miliaria.” Because the temperature is hot, you sweat a lot in an attempt to cool off. However, because it is humid the sweat doesn’t evaporate and the outer layer of your skin becomes soaked, swells, and the openings for your sweat glands close off. This causes a build-up of sweat underneath your skin. Most often heat rashes appear in covered areas: under your arms or between your legs behind the scrotum. If you have been squatting down for a while, you can find it behind your knees. Girls might have problems with it under their breasts.

Heat rash looks like a redden area of skin (a rash) composed of small red dots (the clogged sweat glands). The area stings or itches and you might see small pimples or blistery bumps, depending on how much sweat has built up under the skin. Small children are particularly prone to heat rashes, but it can occur in adults.

The first step to handle heat rash is to get into a cooler, dryer environment to slow down your sweating and give your skin a chance to catch up in excreting the excess sweat. A cool shower or a swim in cool water will help cool your body off. After bathing, thoroughly dry off and let your skin dry off as much as possible before getting dressed again.

Next, switch to loose clothing of light material that will allow air to get to the area with the rash. You don’t want clothing that traps moisture close to the skin. Loose clothing is also a good preventative. For example, if you are prone to heat rash between your legs, wear loose boxer shorts instead of tight cotton ones that stay wet for a while.

Body powders can ease the irritation caused by clothing rubbing on your rash, but it will not cure the rash. Products used for a baby’s diaper rash, such as Desitin can help a lot. However, avoid lotions that contain oils as the oils will trap the moisture in your skin.

Most heat rashes disappear in an hour to a day or so. If your rash persists, very strongly itches, and has distinct bumps with well-defined borders, it is likely that you picked up a fungal or yeast infection. Fungi and yeast both thrive in hot, moist environments. They will not go away on their own, so you will need to get an anti-fungal spray or ointment that is for “jock itch.” Be sure to follow the instructions on the label. The spray or ointment will need to be used even after the bumps disappear to make sure all the fungus or yeast is killed.

If you have not been following God’s laws and were involved in sexual acts with someone else, the disease syphilis in its early stages looks much like a heat rash or jock itch. One of the distinguishing characteristics is that it can appear in areas where sweat is not a problem and it will last two to six weeks and then “disappear” on its own. The disease actually isn’t gone, it just moved into another stage where it begins causing significant harm to the body. The best thing is never to commit fornication, but if you have yielded to that sin, it is best to have any persistent rash checked out by a doctor. Ignoring such symptoms can be deadly.