What should I expect from my next doctor’s visit?



I am having my annual physical soon. I’m really anxious because I’m 11 and I think it’s the puberty talk. I also think I started puberty a little earlier than most boys. I have fine hairs in my armpits, barely noticeable and peach fuzz where my sideburns would be, and a little bit more hair in between my mouth and nose. I also have peach fuzz but a little thicker everywhere on my back, arms, and legs. It’s really thick hair but not like a grownup’s. As for pubic hair, this is where I get worried. It’s really curly. It started appearing a year or two ago and is thick.

What I am trying to ask is: What should I expect from my doctor and what stage do you think I’m in? The calculator says stage 3.

Thank you!


The few things that you’ve mentioned are consistent with being in stage 3. The normal range for being in stage 3 is anywhere from 10 to 17. The average is 13.5 years old. So, yes, you are on the early side of the normal range.

Your doctor visit should be fairly similar to your last visit. The main difference is that you’ve become aware of your body and sexual urges. I suspect that you are nervous about being embarrassed — either of the doctor seeing and touching your genitals or that your body might respond. Just understand that it is normal. The doctor does what he must to verify that you are well and developing normally. And any response by your body is just it acting in the way it was designed to act.