Why is my growth lasting for a long time?

Last updated on June 3, 2024



I hope everything is well. I wanted to ask why my growth spurt seems to be lasting for a long time. Here are my measurements:

12: 4’9”
13: 5’
14: 5’3”

The calculator says I am Tanner 3.5, but my growth suggests I have had Tanner 3 levels of growth for longer than normal. Right now, I weigh 90 pounds, and my peak height velocity calculation says I will grow fastest at 14.5, which is when I would be entering stage 4, which is supposed to mean slower growth. Does this mean I will be in Tanner 3 for longer than normal? My voice began to crack a few weeks ago, and I have some armpit hair. My sitting height is 32 inches. My mother is 5’2”, and my father is 5’7”, if that helps.

Thank you for any answer you can offer.


If I assume that your growth started mid-way through age 12, then you are close to the two years for stage 3. Everything you mentioned matches the latter half of stage 3. Since I can’t see you, I can’t give you further details.