Am I a late bloomer? What stage am I in?

Last updated on August 26, 2020



I am 19. My penis is 4 1/2 inches long when erect. I am 6’2′ and I weigh about 290 lbs. I have some armpit hair, but “not a big bush.” I have a lot of pubic hair and a little hair traveling from my belly button to my penis. I have recently noticed that I’m getting some hair on my inner thighs. My penis has not gotten large in diameter. I have breakouts every once in a while, and they go away periodically. I wanted to know what stage I’m at and if I will eventually start to see changes in the growth of my penis. I understand I’m a “late bloomer,” but this seems very abnormal.



Everything you describe about yourself is normal. Please remember that I have to go by the information you give me. I can’t check the accuracy of the information you gave since I can’t see you. You are either late in stage 4 or just beginning stage 5. Your growth is basically done. You will still see some changes over the next few years, mostly in hair development across your face and chest.

Unless you are extremely muscular, you are quite a bit overweight. Your BMI is 37.9, which is in the obese range. This impacts how long your penis appears to be since it is anchored internally. A good bit of it is being hidden by your body fat. Lose a good bit of weight and not only will you feel better, but your penis will look bigger as well.


Thank you sir! I am very self motivated, and I will work on a diet. Actually, I didn’t weigh myself right before I messaged you. Six weeks ago I weighed 290 lbs, now I’m at 265. I’ve been working at a job since then, so that’s why I believe I’m losing weight.

Thanks for your response!


Excellent! Both being forced to move around and not having easy access to snacks will do a lot for your weight. You’ve got your BMI down to 34. What you want is a number below 25 for the best health, which means you need to get your weight below 194.