Can a concussion delay or speed up puberty?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


Um. What is that strip of skin in front of the anus called? And I have no idea about where I am in puberty. My “symptoms” are all jumbled up and different and confusing! Please help!

Oh, by the way, if someone gets a concussion, will that possibly delay or speed up puberty? Please help! Please answer as soon as you can!


Take a deep breath, slow down and tell me what is wrong and then I’ll be able to better help you.

The area from your genitals to your anus is called the perineum in the medical profession.

Injury to a person’s pituitary gland which is in your head can alter puberty — usually causing it to be delayed or stopped. However, because of the position of the gland, such injury is very rare. Hypopituitarism is when your pituitary gland isn’t producing enough hormones. Hyperpituitarism is when your pituitary gland is producing too much hormones. “Hypopituitarism as well as hyperpituitarism may result from multiple causes, from simple trauma, or from infection or tumor” [eMedicine].

If there are problems with your development, there are other possibilities which are more likely. That is because puberty is triggered by a series of glands interacting with each other. Interruption in any will impact adolescence.


Oh, sorry. I got a concussion, so I just wanted to know. But my symptoms are jumbled up, and I don’t know where I am in puberty. But I don’t really need to know.

Thank you!


Well, I’m willing to listen and help any time you have a question.