Can a guy at the start of stage four grow more?

Last updated on August 28, 2020


We were in contact a few months ago, and we concluded that I was somewhere around puberty stage 3.9 but not quite 4 because I do not have dark pubic facial hair. I am about 6’0.5″ or 6’1″, and I was wondering if I have a good chance of reaching 6’2 or maybe 6’3? I’m sorry this may be repetitive, but I sometimes become obsessive about my height.

Please let me know. Thank you very much.


Most young men go through periods of getting obsessive about things. The common theory is that it is a part of the rewiring of the brain during adolescence. So don’t worry, I’m used to being asked things repeatedly. I’ll still tell you to get a hold of yourself 🙂 , but I really do understand what is happening.

I don’t keep records of past conversations to protect people’s privacy. Sometimes I remember what was talked about, but not always. So I’m going to go just off what is in your current note rather than rely on my memory.

First, a small side note: “Pubic” is the hair that grows around your genitals. “Pubic” means “the groin area.” You don’t get pubic hair on your face, it has different qualities.

I take it that you still have “peach fuzz” — light, fine hairs that you can almost see through — on your face. That would be typical at the beginning of stage four. The usual order is the upper lips, the sideburns, the chin, and then filling in between. The color of your beard will typically be the same as your head hair, but not necessarily. Especially on guys whose pubic hair is a different color from their head hair, the hairs of the beard can be a different color as well.

Most guys grow two to three inches during stage four. It is a slower growth as it involves the expansion of the spine. It will take a year or more to reach that additional height.  So given that you are at the start of stage 4, you have a really good chance of reaching 6’2″ or 6’3″.

But step back a moment — in the long run, does it make any difference? It won’t change who you are.

Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” (Matthew 6:27).


Thank you so much for your quick response.

I understand exactly what you mean. When all is said and done God and my peers will judge me on my actions and how I have treated those around me. My only reason for wanting to achieve this height is to give myself the best opportunity possible to play division 1 baseball. I am confident with your answer that I will reach my goal.

Thanks again for your quick response and for always being there to answer my questions and give me guidance.


And when it comes to any sport, skill is what makes the difference — not an inch or two of height. You can’t do a thing about your height; you will be what you are. But you can do a lot about your skills, so that is where your focus ought to be.

Write any time. I enjoy the chats.