Does all urine kill sperm?

Last updated on August 9, 2020


Does all urine kill sperm?


Urine is acidic and sperm is damaged by acids. Since only one tube is used for both urinating and ejaculating in a man, your body produces a fluid called pre-ejaculate or in current slang, pre-cum, that neutralizes the acid of any leftover urine in your penis and flushes it out of your urethra. This is why when you get sexually excited there is a wet spot on your pants near the end of your penis — it is the pre-ejaculate coming out, which indicates your body is preparing for sexual intercourse. The same fluid is very slippery feeling and provides a small amount of lubrication during sexual intercourse.

I must admit, I’m puzzled why the word “all” appears in this question. I have a feeling that you have something mind that I probably missed. There is a myth floating around that if a girl urinates after sex she won’t get pregnant. It is false because a woman’s urethra is separate from her vagina. Her peeing won’t flush out or destroy the sperm inside her. See “Getting (Too) Close” for several other myths that don’t work.