Does the force of your ejaculation affect your ability to make a woman pregnant?

Last updated on August 12, 2020


I was reading your site but none of the answers answer my question. I am 15 and I am wondering whether ejaculation force affects the ability to make a woman pregnant later on in the future? Does ejaculation force increase as you get older in your teen years? If it does not, does ejaculation force affect fertility?


The force of your ejaculation will vary due to several factors. The same person doesn’t always ejaculate with the same amount of force every time. A lot depends on how sexually excited you are at the moment you ejaculate. Another factor is the strength of your muscle that causes ejaculation. Since muscles don’t build up until stage 4 of development (which typically is when a person is in their late teens), the strength of your ejaculations will increase a bit.

There is an exercise you can do if this is a concern. The next time you urinate, try to stop the flow of your urine by tightening the muscles in your lower abdomen. Only do it once or twice at a time. You don’t want to interfere with completely emptying your bladder. After a bit, you will notice which muscle is involved. Try to do it without clenching your abdominal muscles or your buttocks. It will take some practice. Once you figure out the muscle, you have found your Kegel muscles. These are the same muscles that clamp down on your ejaculatory duct. Once you know how to control them, you can exercise them at any time by clamping them, such as when you are bored.

But the force of your ejaculation doesn’t really affect your fertility. Your sperm swim, so as long as they are delivered in your wife’s vagina, or even very close to the opening of your wife’s vagina, they will have a chance to reach her fallopian tubes and cause her to get pregnant. The closer the semen is delivered near the opening of your wife’s uterus (called the cervix), the higher the odds that sperm will enter the uterus and from there to the fallopian tubes.

An often-overlooked point is that a woman’s vagina is similar to a man’s penis. In its normal state, it is only about three inches long. When a woman becomes sexually excited, it stretches a bit. But what happens when a man and woman are each other’s exclusive sexual partner is that the wife’s vagina will adapt to the length of her husband’s penis. Thus, it really doesn’t matter how far you ejaculate or even how big your penis is. Within a few months of marriage, you and your wife will have adapted to each other and your semen will be delivered to the optimal spot for conceiving a child.