Does the penis hang down after puberty?

Last updated on August 3, 2020


Does the penis hang down after puberty?


Your penis always hangs down when it is not erect, but it is not very noticeable during childhood when it is small. Usually, by the third Tanner stage of development, your penis begins to grow in length. During the fourth stage, it grows in width. Because of the extra size, it hangs downward when flaccid (limp). The growth of the penis starts about two years after puberty is first seen. It occurs about the same time that pubic hair begins to show up on the groin. The average range of age for this to happen is somewhere between ages 13 and 15, though it is considered normal to happen between ages 11 and 17.

The size of your penis when flaccid varies greatly from moment to moment. Temperature, activity, heart rate, and how recent was your last erection all affect its size. If you get very cold, your penis may shrink to the point that it no longer hangs down. This is normal. It is a way your body is trying to preserve heat. When you warm back up, your penis will return to its typical size.