How do I get rid of this orange-colored fungus growing on my penis?

Last updated on September 1, 2020


On my penis is this orange-colored fungus type material that is growing. I take it out, but it comes back. It is gross. When it came back it is both under and some over my foreskin in two places.



Most likely you picked up a yeast infection called thrush or candida. The color depends on the type of yeast that is behind the infection. It buries itself in the surface of the skin, so you can’t just wash the surface to remove it. You have to get some anti-fungal medication targeted for the particular yeast that you have to remove it. When you use the medication, make sure that you follow the directions completely. The main signs of the infection disappear quickly, but you have to keep using the medication as directed in order to get it completely out from beneath the surface of your skin. Otherwise, it will come back, and likely what comes back will be resistant to the anti-fungal medication.

If you are not properly cleaning yourself, especially under the foreskin, it is possible to pick up a yeast infection. This particular yeast is naturally present in your bowels, so if fecal matter from the bowels comes in contact with the penis and is not washed off in a timely manner, you can pick up candida. So you need to be careful about touching your penis after wiping your bottom.

Candida loves moist areas to grow, so to prevent it from coming back, you need follow basic rules:

  • After bathing, always put on clean underwear. Do not put the underwear you were using back on because you will just reintroduce the infection again.
  • Before dressing after a bath, make sure you are dry before you get dress. Otherwise, you will trap moisture against your skin.
  • Avoid reusing a towel to dry off with unless it dries completely between uses and never use someone else’s towel.
  • Wear something completely different at night than you wear during the day. For night time garments have at most only one layer over your groin. I would recommend a loose pair of boxer shorts that are just for night time use.
  • While you are treating this infection, you may want to consider not wearing anything at night so that your skin can completely dry out.
  • If you swim, remove your swimming trunks and dry off completely before getting dressed.
  • When you bathe, make sure you wash your penis and wash underneath the foreskin. Make sure to completely rinse the soap off. Soap under the foreskin is irritating.