How do I grow more pubic hair?

Last updated on August 25, 2020


Hello. I am an 11-year-old boy. I have some pubic hair around my penis. But how do I get more pubic hair without finishing puberty? I really want to have a lot of pubic hair. I have been growing lots of pubic hair starting two weeks ago. How do I grow more?


Let’s correct some ideas first. Since before you were born, most of your skin has been covered with very fine, colorless hairs. After puberty, androgens (male hormones) in your body rise and start causing a long series of changes, among these are changing the hair follicles in many areas of your body from producing fine hairs to what are called terminal hairs. These hairs are thicker and have color; much like the hairs on top of your head.

To control the length of your hairs, a hair follicle grows hairs for a period of time and then stops and rests. During the resting time the hair falls out. The period of time between rests controls the length of your hairs. Animals, such as dogs, have their hair go into rest all at the same time. That is why dogs shed. People don’t work the same way. Each hair is on its own schedule. Thus, you lose a hair here and there, but never notice it because all the other hairs are still growing.

For this to work, your hairs must start at different times so they will rest at different times. Also the changes take a lot of energy, more than you can supply at one time. So God made the body to make changes in a stepwise fashion to spread the start times and the needed energy out over time.

The hairs that you are seeing means you have reached the second stage of development. Each stage lasts roughly two years. You will have your full set of pubic hair by the time you reach stage 5 in roughly six years. Instead of trying to rush what God has designed, enjoy the journey because there is much you need to get used to as your body develops.