How long does sex last?

Last updated on August 18, 2020


After reading the information in chapter 4, I am curious about one thing: If you can only have sex until you ejaculate, how long does sex last?


Only one question? I must have written better than I thought.

Answers vary depending on what a person counts as sex. Unlike a man, a woman needs about 10 to 20 minutes of foreplay for her body to be ready for intercourse. Intercourse itself typically lasts less than 5 minutes — way less when you are inexperienced, a bit longer if you are well practiced with your wife. One of the odd facts about sex is that the longer a couple spends in foreplay, the longer they can typically last for intercourse.

Even though it sounds very short, sexual arousal messes with your perception of time. It always seems far longer than it actually is.

Very few men are able to maintain an erection after ejaculating, and even those who can are not always able to do so. The body needs a chance to restore oxygen to the blood that had been filling the penis. After a recovery period, a man can have another erection and have sex with his wife again. The recovery period for a young man can be less than an hour, but as you get older the recovery period becomes longer.