How should I talk to my dad about masturbation?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


I am a Christian boy trying to follow Christ. I want to know how should I talk to my dad about masturbation?


I would hope that you have a good relationship with your father, one where you can ask him questions and get straightforward answers. So have one or two specific questions to ask, find time when it is just the two of you and then ask them.

Please realize that some questions are really hard for many parents to discuss. Sexual issues are tough because they are so personal and we have to live in the same house. Just as most kids avoid thinking about the fact that their parents have sex, most parents have a tough time thinking about their children having sexual feelings. Somehow in a parent’s mind, children stay little and innocent. So please be kind in asking, realizing that it isn’t that your father might not know the answer, but that he has to first wrap his mind around the fact that his son has grown up and he is getting old.