I am having burning sensations in my penis for about 8 months

Last updated on August 13, 2020


I am having burning sensations in my penis for about 8 months. I have been taking some homeopathic medicines, but the burning decreases for two days and then returns. I have night emissions and also the semen comes out frequently out of the penis without any erection — very frequently, i.e., once in 5 minutes or so. Some say that heavy masturbation leads to this problem.

Please help me.



What you are describing are the symptoms of an infection. I am concerned that you see what you think is semen coming out of your non-erect penis. Puss from an infection can look similar to semen. For example, a bacterial infection called gonorrhea has exactly the symptoms you are describing. Gonorrhea is transmitted from one person to another by sexual contact. Masturbation would not cause it.

Homeopathic medicines may treat the symptoms and at times the causes of some diseases, but until you know what disease you have, you cannot know what you need to take to treat it. I strongly recommend that you see a medical doctor immediately. He should take a sample of what is coming out of your penis, culture it, and then examine it under a microscope to determine the nature of the infection. Untreated diseases can cause permanent damage to your body. Using the example of gonorrhea again, this disease is easily curable with antibiotics (make sure you take the entire course prescribed by your doctor). However, if left untreated, it will cause sterility (it kills the sperm-producing cells so you won’t be able to have children), arthritis, heart problems, and problems with your nervous system. Eight months is way too long to leave a disease running rampant through your body.