I have a black-colored patch on my penis. What can be done about it?

Last updated on August 27, 2020



I am 20 years old. I have a bad habit of hand practice since I was seven. I am too worried about it. Many times I tried to stop it, but I failed. 

The problem is that I am suffering from a black color on my penis. Please! Can you suggest me to how can it be removed? What treatment should I apply? Please answer me in detail!  


Let’s start with the first. Many men assume masturbation is wrong. I suspect that it is because it is a private thing that leads to strong feelings of pleasure, but more so because many use imagery of sexual scenes that are forbidden to get themselve sexually aroused. The Bible doesn’t call masturbation, by itself, sinful. What it does call sinful is thinking about sinful acts and desiring them. For details see:

Often times we assume that if two things happen close together in time, then one thing caused the other. This isn’t the case. A rooster crows just before the sun rises, but a rooster doesn’t cause the sun to rise.

What you may be seeing on your penis is commonly called a birthmark. It is a section of skin that has more tiny blood vessels just below the surface and since the skin on your penis is so thin, you see them as a darker area. Birthmarks tend to have a dark red color.

What gives people a tan or brown color to their skin is a chemical called melanin. For some people, their skin doesn’t always produce melanin evenly. For examples, red-headed people often have freckles which are just small dots of skin that have more melanin that the surrounding skin. Those spots can be in bigger patches and is called hyperpigmentation. It means some areas of the skin go overboard in producing melanin. These patches appear as tan or dark brown colors.

There are many causes of hyperpigmentism. Some drugs have it as a side-effect. Some genetic diseases are characterized by freckles on the genitals. For some men, the median raphe, the small ridge that goes from the anus, across the center of the scrotum, to the tip of the bottom side of the penis can have more pigment than the surrounding skin. Then there are rare cases where patches of skin are darker because of genetics.

Having a birthmark or hyperpigmentism doesn’t make your penis ugly or non-functional. Since you keep it private anyway, few will ever know you have a dark area there. And when you get married, your wife won’t care. I’m sure you might find a dermatologist (skin doctor) willing to take your money and remove the mark, but the procedures available for removing birthmarks are painful and are likely to cause scaring. For hyperpigmentism there are ointments to bleach the skin or acids to remove the top layers of skin in hopes that the new layers won’t be has dark. Generally these treatments don’t work reliably. You will generally find the reputable doctors telling you not to worry about it because it isn’t worth changing.

Now all of this is assuming that the dark area is just a discoloration of the skin. If there are other symptoms, such as the discoloration is spreading, or the area is raised or rough, or the color of the spot is changing, you need to see a doctor to make sure it isn’t being caused by a treatable disease. But if it is just a patch that you basically have always had, or had since adolescence, then isn’t something to worry about.