I have a lump in my scrotum that comes and goes

Last updated on September 1, 2020


I noticed that I have a kind of ball that is a little bigger than my testicles, and sometimes it’s not there, but it comes back. Do you know if it’s normal? It is in the scrotum but the testicles are lower than the ball, and it doesn’t hurt at all. What is it?

Thanks again for your answers. I appreciate them.


You may have a hydrocoele, which is a fluid-filled sack in the scrotum. A hydrocoele is harmless.

Because of the location of yours, it is also possible that you have an inguinal hernia. This is where a guy has a weak spot on the abdominal wall and a piece of the intestine pushes through. If it is an inguinal hernia then it will very likely cause you problems in the near future. So I would like you to go see your doctor about it very soon. It is better to confirm that it is harmless than to ignore something important.