I have a white hard dot on the top of the shaft of my foreskin

Last updated on August 19, 2020


I have a white hard dot on the top of the shaft of my foreskin. I peeled it and a bit of blood came out. Can that be some STD since it’s not on the bottom of my shaft or close to my pubic hair?


It sounds like you have a genital wart, but you would need to see a doctor in order to make a certain diagnosis. Genital warts have a rough, “cauliflower” textured surface. Genital warts are an STD in that they can be transmitted sexually through the skin to skin contact.

It is true that those who are committing fornication often get genital warts near the bottom of their penis shaft because they try to use condoms to avoid transmitting diseases. As you appear to realize, condoms are not perfect in that they don’t cover the entire shaft and can roll during sex. Gaps at the base of the penis are common and thus many sexually transmitted diseases appear there. However, even those using condoms can get sexually transmitted diseases in areas where the condom covers. The virus causing genital warts is extremely small. The latex of a condom will hinder the transmission of the disease, but it cannot prevent them, even if there are no obvious failures in the condom. There can be a microscopic hole that allowed the virus passage.

In addition, while men put on a condom just before intercourse, they often fool around during foreplay before intercourse without a condom. The virus can be transmitted during that time or after the condom is removed. This is just one of many reasons why sex should not take place outside of marriage. Speaking of sexual sins, Solomon said, “Wounds and dishonor he will get, and his reproach will not be wiped away” (Proverbs 6:33).

You need to see your doctor in order to have it treated. Genital warts are linked to cancer in later years. Then keep your penis in your pants until you have married a woman whom you can trust. See “Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong” for more details.