I have small yellow spot-like lumps dangling down from the bottom of my bell end

Last updated on August 18, 2020


I have small yellow spot-like lumps dangling down from the bottom of my bell end. I am a virgin but have had oral sex. It is really embarrassing. Should I be concerned and will they die down?


Yellow bumps are usually caused by the sebaceous glands. These are the oil glands in your skin which keeps your skin flexible and soft. It is common to have bumps from these glands during two periods of your life, when you are a newborn and when you are an adolescent. Because you are growing rapidly, your skin must grow quickly as well. Sometimes the oil glands start producing oil before the opening to the skin’s surface is large enough to readily let it through. This causes small bumps. The yellow color comes from the color of the oil. Compare them to your own situation and see if it is similar.

Bumps caused by the sebaceous glands are round and dome-shaped if you look very closely. They are sometimes confused with genital warts that have flat tops and feel rough to the touch, though you may need a magnifying glass to see the rough tops. Genital warts must be treated to be removed. Bumps caused by the sebaceous glands usually fade as you get older, though some adults retain them for the rest of their lives. The bumps cause no harm. Sebaceous glands are found over all your skin, but most of your skin is too thick to see them. The skin on your penis is much thinner, so on some men, you can see the sebaceous glands right through the skin. If the skin is particularly thin, the glands make the skin above them stand up.

Oral sex is still sex. I would like you to read an answer I gave to another question, “Is oral sex before marriage ok?” Not only is it a sin that could keep you out of heaven if you don’t repent of it and have your sins forgiven (I Corinthians 6:9-11), but oral sex doesn’t offer any protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Most sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted by body fluids. Saliva in a person’s mouth and the semen that you release during orgasm are body fluids; they can carry diseases between people. Add to this that the teeth in a person’s mouth can easily scratch a person’s skin and the skin on your penis is very thin, especially when you are erect, you have strong potential for transmitting a disease.

Men who engage in oral sex before marriage generally do so in order to avoid getting a girl pregnant. It is true that the odds are much lower, but don’t deceive yourself into thinking that it cannot happen. Once you ejaculate, that semen you release can get a girl pregnant. It doesn’t have to be ejaculated into her vagina. A drip or a bit on a person’s finger can transfer the semen to where it is close enough for the sperm to swim up the vagina. After all, sperm do move. The only sound thing to do is stop your fooling around and wait for marriage.

Please remember that I am basing this answer solely on your description. I’m making several guesses because I cannot see what you are seeing. If you do decide to see a doctor about this, using the correct terms will make discussing the problem easier. Your “bell end” is your glans (notice that there is no ‘d’ in the word). The underside where the shaft of the penis meets the glans is called the frenulum. It is where the foreskin attaches.