I’m a late bloomer and didn’t start growing until I was 17. Will I grow more?

Last updated on September 1, 2020



I am a boy, age 20. I am a late boomer. I started to grow around 17ish. My height is 5’8, and I haven’t grown much in the last year. I wonder, can I still grow tall? My dad is 5’11 and my mom is around 5’4.


For boys, their final height tends to be between the average of their parents’ heights and ten inches above that. Your parents’ average height is 5’7.5 inches, so you are already within the range of typical.

Most of the stages last about two years. You reached your growth spurt around the age of 17 which is about four years later than the average. At 19 you started to slow down, which is what can be expected. So by next year, you will most likely be done growing. You might put on another inch at the very most, but it is not likely that you’ll reach your dad’s height.