I’m gay, but I really want to be straight

Last updated on August 29, 2020



Um, so I came across a question on your web site and decided to ask you for some advice.

For starters, I’m a fifteen-year-old Christian boy. I’m gay, but I really want to be straight. I keep thinking how my life is going to turn out in the future. I really want a wife and kids whom I genuinely love. Yet, I don’t want to live a lie and deceive her. I’m afraid I’ll never have a family. I’m really confused. Please help me. 🙁


I hope you won’t find me rude in my bluntness, but in order to help you see the truth, I need some clues as to where your life has gotten off-track. So, how did you reach the conclusion you are a homosexual? Have you been engaging in homosexual sex?