I’m out of proportion and too chubby

Last updated on August 31, 2020



I am 13 years and I think I’m in stage 3. If I am, then it is probably the early to the middle part of the stage. I have dark thick black hair around my groin, but my penis is small based upon my opinion. I have armpit hair. It is noticeable but not spread out very wide yet. My legs are too long for my torso. I am a little chubby. I really hate that my thighs are so wide and my torso is so short. My waist is big for my shoulders. I am about 5’2. I can ejaculate, but I am not very clear on if it is semen or clear fluid. My voice is deeper than it was before I reached age ten, but it is not like a man’s. I just want to look more fit and better proportioned. I really want most of all to get rid of this extra fat. I am sorry if I am boring you. My feet are a size 8-9.

Please reply soon. It would mean a lot. I have been worried for a very long time.


Based on the answers you sent from the calculator and your own description, you are in stage 3. You told the calculator that you haven’t had a growth spurt, but since your legs are longer than the rest of your body, you are in the midst of your growth spurt.

In regards to weight, your growth will take care of the bulk of the problem. You shouldn’t diet at this time as your body needs all the fuel it can get to cause proper growth. Just eat a good variety of food and eliminate all the junk food that you can.

As you get into stage 4, the disproportions will disappear. In stage 4 your body grows and in the later part, your shoulders will get wider. So be patient while your body finishes growing.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

Semen is ejaculated (it squirts out) with an orgasm. It is milky white and when it dries it is stiff because it contains a lot of sugars. Pre-ejaculate dribbles out of the penis when you are aroused. It is clear and doesn’t show when it dries.