Is it normal not to see any growth in your genitals by age 16?

Last updated on August 4, 2020


I am 16 now and since 15 I have seen no growth in my penis or genitals. Both my biological father and uncles think this is normal, but I feel or seem to see no change in growth. What could it be that’s wrong? I don’t understand.


I truly want to help, but you left out a critical piece of information. Are you saying:

  1. That you have not seen any growth at all; that is, that you have not started puberty as far as you can tell?
  2. Or, that your development has stalled; that is that you started puberty, but you haven’t reached a full adult body and you haven’t seen any signs of changes in the last year?
  3. Or, that you have basically developed, and other men have confirmed this, but you aren’t as big as you had expected to get?

Which one will make a big difference in my response. Since I don’t know you and can’t see you, please go through the questions in Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys and let me know the answers you give. That will at least give me a clue as to where you are in your development.