Is it normal to drip pre-ejaculate fluid when having a bowel movement?

Last updated on August 10, 2020


Is it normal while going to the bathroom (going #2) that, while pushing to get rid of waste, pre-ejaculate comes out without being aroused?


It does happen to some men. Your prostate gland and the Cowper’s glands are next to the large intestine. When a doctor needs to check a man’s prostate, he does so by reaching a finger in through the rectum. Pushing on the prostate gland will trigger it to release fluids which will show up at the end of your penis as a milky or cloudy white fluid. Fluid from the Cowper’s glands will show up as a clear fluid.

Therefore, heavy pushing during a bowel movement can put pressure on either gland triggering fluids to drip from the penis.