Is there something that will get rid of my autism?

Last updated on August 27, 2020


I got a question: Please tell me. I have autism. I saw this thing on T.V. that can get rid of my autism. Should I do it? Will it be sinful? Please tell me, please?


I don’t know what you saw on TV. If it was a commercial, I would be very suspicious, especially if it offered a “miracle” cure. If it was a news report, there are treatments for autism out in the world. None of them are perfect, but they can reduce the symptoms to a manageable level.

Here is the latest that doctors know about autism:

If you need help understanding any of this or want to talk more about autism or anything else, just send me another note.


Do you know what autism is?


Autism is the diagnosis given when a child doesn’t develop social and communication skills in a typical fashion. In a sense, we are labeling the result without fully understanding the cause. Many things have been blamed for autism and proven to be false. What little we do know is that it is inherited, so your genes play a major role. But exactly which genes and what those damaged genes do to cause autism is still being researched.

From my point of view, what it means is that you think differently than most people. It is not better or worse than other people, just different. Some things are harder for you and other things are easier.

What I do is help people understand right and wrong and how to make good decisions. I work with people as they are and help them be better people.

By the way, if you don’t understand something that I write, I don’t mind you asking me to explain.