I’ve developed a lot, but my penis is still small. Why isn’t it growing?

Last updated on August 27, 2020


I read your Tanner stage calculator on the web site and was hoping you could help.

I’m 15 years old. I have distinct hair on my legs, growing hair under my armpits, hair above my lip, and just starting to grow hair under my chin. I have pubes across my groin, they’re thick and curly too. Just growing nipple hair now along with the hair underneath my belly button. My face has changed loads and I’ve lost my puppy fat. My voice is distinctly lower and my testes are larger.

However, despite this, my penis is still small and has no girth or length. Why is it not growing along with everything else?

Thank you so much if you can help.


Your description of yourself is of a young man in stage 4 of development. In regards to your penis size, there can be several possible explanations. But first, let me point out that because you use hyperbole (stating things in the extreme to make a point), you leave me nothing but vague opinions from which to attempt to give you a firm answer. Obviously your penis has some girth and length or you would not have one at all. Measurements for a male penis is done while fully erect because the flaccid penis varies in size due to body temperature. The length is measured along the top from groin to the tip of the penis. The girth or circumference is measured around the widest section. Using a string and then placing the string against a ruler makes it easier to get an accurate measurement.

Let’s us assume you actually are smaller than the average male. Some reasons are:

  • Genetics plays a big role. Some men have big feet while others after small feet. Some have been hands while others have small hands. When we talk about averages it means there are men with penises both larger and smaller than the average.
  • If you are overweight, the apparent length of your penis will be smaller than for a skinny man. That is because the penis is anchored deep in your pelvis. As you gain weight, you get bigger around and the amount showing becomes less.
  • It can be a perception problem. We tend to notice extremes and ignore the common. Thus, you may be comparing yourself to someone who is unusually large and though you are near average think that you are not big enough.
  • Another perception problem is that we don’t notice our own growth unless we have something to compare it against. Your penis is likely much larger than when you were a child, but you haven’t noticed the change because it is gradual and your own body.


Thanks for the reply.

The weight is not a problem. I’m not overweight at all; in fact, I’ve slimmed down loads over the last couple of years and I’m perfectly healthy.

As for the perception, I do think that is a good point. It may not be like it was when I was a much younger child, but it doesn’t look like it’s starting to look more “adult”? It still looks childlike. Not the comparison to other penises though. I’m not average. As I said it still looks childlike. Maybe it’s mostly in the way that it hasn’t thickened much at all.


Circumference comes in stage 4, so give it a year or two to develop.