Last night I had an erection, but my penis felt like it was being tickled. Is this normal?

Last updated on August 22, 2020



Last night I had an erection, but it felt different. It had a funny feeling when I had an erection like someone was tickling my penis. Is this normal?


What you describe would feel unusual if you’ve had erections before, but had not yet developed enough to have ejaculations. As the various parts needed for ejaculations develop, the feelings that accompany an erection change.

It is also normal for the feelings accompanying an erection to change as your penis continues to develop, even after you start ejaculating. For example, the glans (the end of the penis) isn’t fully developed until you are in stage four. It contains a large number of nerve endings. An erect penis pulls on the glans and it can be described as a “tickling” feeling.


I just wanted to know why a little bit of semen is coming out of my penis when I get an erection and the liquid is white not clear. (I had ejaculated semen before in my sleep).

Also, I want to know why the head of my penis is so sensitive. It tickles when I get a full erection and the head touches my clothing and it also it tickles when I get an erection in the shower and the water hits the head. This never happened to me before in my life.


The head of the penis is called the glans. It contains a dense network of nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive to touch. In stage two the glans begins development and becomes more sensitive. As you go through stage four of development, the glans changes shape. The bottom edge, called the corona, stands out slightly, giving the glans a rough bell shape. The surface of the glans is rougher than the rest of your skin.

Erections expand the glans as well as the shaft of the penis. The expansion also causes the rough surface of the glans to stand up — almost like goosebumps. This makes the glans extra sensitive to even the slightest touch against its surface. The glans is made this way to prove feedback to your body during sexual intercourse.

What has happened is that your glans has taken on its adult characteristic. You had not notice before because it was not fully developed. While it is new now, you will get use to it.


Pre-ejaculate fluid, which comes from the Cowper’s glands, is a clear fluid that feels very slick to the touch. Semen is a milky color that might have a yellowish tint to it. It feels sticky to the touch. What you are seeing is some semen escaping from your ejaculatory duct even though you may not have had an ejaculation recently. While there are muscles in place to prevent this from happening prior to ejaculation, the seal isn’t always perfect — especially when the erection begins to fade for a moment.


So, is this normal for a almost 13 year old? I don’t see any changes to my penis.


Yes, it is normal. Obviously the changes are taking place because you are noticing differences. As far as external changes, most of the early changes go unnoticed because the changes are gradual enough that you don’t remember what it used to look like. But you won’t see any major changes in your penis until you reach stage three when you have your growth spurt. During stage three your penis will get longer.