My nighttime erections leave me feeling drained and exhausted

Last updated on January 2, 2021


I have nighttime erections that can sometimes last a large part of the night leaving me feeling drained and exhausted by the morning. It feels like all the “chi” energy is being drained from my body. What can I do to prevent this?

I would be truly grateful for any advise.


First, the concept of chi energy is a product of an Oriental religion called Taoism. This religious philosophy views the world as being composed of two equal but opposing forces (yin and yang). Neither force can overcome the other, they are equally matched. When combined, the two forces supposedly produce life energy.

The problem is that the Bible doesn’t show the world to be like this. God is good and the world He created started out as very good (Genesis 1:31). Evil exists, but it is seen as the corruption or absence of good. There is a lesson called “Light and Dark” which explains this in much more detail.

However, this doesn’t address your actual question. Every healthy male has four to five erections each night. These erections happen during the phase of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement, or REM. Dreams also occur during REM. However, the deep sleep phases of sleep (called non-REM) are when we get the most benefits from sleep. In the non-REM phases our bodies stop most of the muscle activity and we are totally relaxed. During the REM phases our eyes move and various muscles twitch and erections appear.

Thus, what you are describing is that some nights you are staying in the REM phases for longer than normal times and thus by morning are not well rested because you didn’t get enough sleep in the non-REM phases.

There are a variety of causes: If you consumed too much caffeine, it will prevent you from sliding into the non-REM phases. Other stimulating drugs, such as non-drowsy cold medicines which use stimulants to counter its ingredients that cause drowsiness, can also keep you too alert. Physical distractions, such as too bright of light, too much noise, pain, or even a full bladder, can keep you from entering the deep phases of sleep. Mental distractions, such as stress or concerns, can also keep you from sleeping deeply.

Along with the physical distractions are full seminal vesicles. Normally these are emptied by nocturnal emission (orgasm and ejaculation while you sleep), but like a full bladder, you can keep yourself semi-alert in an attempt to keep from having an emission. Being sexually “wound-up” can also keep you from sleeping deeply. Thus, you don’t sleep well.

Therefore, the problem is not erections, but the fact that on some nights you are not sleeping deeply. The “cure” is to locate and eliminate the distraction that is keeping you from sleeping deeply. Then you will get a good night’s rest. The erections will still happen, but you won’t notice them as much.