My penis is small. Is there something wrong with me?

Last updated on August 4, 2020



I am 15 and a half years old and my penis is only 2 inches long.  Is there something wrong with me?


What you describe is well within the bounds of what is considered normal, but you left out so much information that I can’t do a good job of explaining this. For example, is two inches when your penis is erect or limp? But most important is: what stage of development have you reached? I don’t even know if you reached the point where you can have an erection or not. If you could, try out the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys. Let me know at what stage you have reached and then we can discuss your particular situation.


My stage is 4.6, my penis is 2 inches when limp, and I have reached the point where I can have an erection. I’m 4 and half inches long when I’m erect.


There is a lot of variation in people, which you can tell just walking down the street. People aren’t all the same build, the same height, or the same color. Take a look at the discussion on penis size and you can see a bit of the variation.

The size of your penis when you are limp doesn’t mean much. What isn’t often discussed is that a man’s penis constantly changes size during the day. It lengthens when you get hot to help cool the testicles. It shrinks when you get cold to help preserve some of your body heat. When your heart races or your feeling a bit sexy, it gets longer even though you haven’t gotten to the point of a full erection. Still, the average size of a limp penis is 3.6 inches (plus or minus one inch), so you are on the short side, but still in the range where 94% of all men are.

At stage 4, you are still growing and that includes your penis. Most of the penis growth in stage 4 is in the circumference of the penis and less in the length, but it doesn’t mean you won’t gain a little more length before you are finished growing. As it currently stands, you are shorter than most men, but not so unusually short that it would affect your ability to have sex.

One thing that is not often discussed is the fact that a woman’s vagina is much like a man’s penis — it changes size during sexual intercourse. In its normal state, the vagina is only about three inches long. When a woman is sexually aroused, her uterus shifts position, causing the vagina to lengthen. How much it shifts depends on with whom she has been having sex. When a woman only has sex with her husband, her body tends to adapt itself to the length and width of her husband’s penis. At the very first it is a bit uncomfortable for the woman as the vagina must stretch to accommodate the penis, but after a few weeks it becomes automatic.

So though the size of your penis might not be impressive compared to some guys, your wife hasn’t likely been inspecting guy’s penises anyway and won’t care. After all, what makes sex pleasurable is how you use your penis, not how big it is. Plus, your wife is likely to find your size much more comfortable and will enjoy sex sooner than a woman married to a man with a huge penis. There are a few sexual positions you won’t be able to do with your wife solely because you don’t have enough length, but most of those positions were discovered by couples trying to find a comfortable position when the man has a longer than average penis. But in the end, you won’t care because every couple experiments and finds what is most pleasurable for the two of them.