My semen has changed consistency and I’m not ejaculating a much

Last updated on August 21, 2020


I am 23 years of age and I have been facing problems with my erections for the last nine years. For the last four years my sperm has changed consistency to 50% liquid and 50% like a jelly.

I remember I used to block my sperm by holding my penis tightly with my hand during ejacultion and I used to maturbate a lot — 3 to 4 times daily. Now I ejaculate 2 to 3 times a week.

Can you please help me with my erectile problem and tell me the treatment or exercises through which i can solve this huge problem?

Waiting for your reply.


This may disappoint you, but you describe a normal, working reproductive system.

The jell you are seeing in your semen is from your prostate gland. Its purpose is to thicken your semen to make it easier to ejaculate. Shortly after ejaculation, the gelatin melts, releasing the sperm trapped within it. There are several organs in your body that produce different portions of the liquid you ejaculate. Your body self-regulates the amounts, but at different points in your life, especially when you are younger, the amounts secreted get off-balanced — putting out too much or too little. Most of the time it is no cause for worry. It only changes the consistency, not how well it works. I suspect you are producing more of the gelatin at the moment and it is not mixing in well before ejaculation. It happens to almost every man.

When ejaculating and experiencing orgasm is new, some boys become overly fascinated by the process and the feelings. They become obsessive and masturbate multiple times a day. That is not how the male reproductive system was designed to work and masturbating multiple times a day is not what a male should be doing. Now that you have become more accustomed to your adult body, the novelty has worn off and you have settled into a more typical and regular pattern of ejaculation.

An erectile problem means you are unable to have an erection or when you do have an erection, it is only partial or doesn’t last more than a moment or two. Since you don’t describe this as happening you don’t have an erectile problem.

Relax. You are a typical, normal male.