Now that I started puberty, what should I do?

Last updated on August 28, 2020



I’m 16, and I think I have started puberty, as I have pubic hairs and my voice is deepening a little! My penis and testes are growing a little but they’re very small. What should I do, if anything?

If you could email me back, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


Puberty is the point when you change from a child’s body to a man’s body. For males, the initial changes are not noticeable externally for the first year or so. But you are long past that point. You are somewhere in the middle of adolescence.

Boys have been changing into men for thousands of years — ever since the beginning. There isn’t really anything special that you need to do. The changes will take place whether you want them to or not. And how you end up looking is more determined by your genes than anything else.

Just make sure you eat a good variety of food and not a whole lot of junk food. This way you are providing your body with all the raw materials it needs to complete your growth and changes. Getting plenty of exercise is also needed to tune up your body so it is in peak condition. But beyond that, just enjoy the ride.