Should I be worried about a slight pain in my testicles?

Last updated on August 28, 2020


Okay here is another question! Sometimes I get a slight pain in my testicles. It’s not a huge pain or anything just sometimes I barely notice it should I be worried?


As you grow, you are going to find yourself with slight pains that come and go in various parts of the body. A slight pain can be from the testicles growing and some of the connecting tissue stretching. It could be that they got bumped, or they could have twisted slightly causing a slow down in the blood supply that has since straighten out, but you have some after effect “grumblings” about it. None of these should be a concern.

A pain that causes you to double over or causes you to feel sick to your stomach is what should be of great concern. Usually, the scrotum on the side of the testicle in distress will be red and swollen. If something like that ever happens you need to get to a doctor immediately.