Should I shave my groin or not? Did I sin when I got an erection when someone pulled my pants down?

Last updated on September 26, 2020



I’m 12 years old and a 3.9 on the calculator. I have been shaving my groin for a while now and I was wondering if there are some pros and cons of doing so. Are there some pros and cons of going natural.

Also, someone pulled my pants down when I was talking to my girlfriend along with my underwear. I feel bad about it because I got an erection while my pants were down. Is it a sin?

Why are my testicles getting so big?

Thanks! Respond soon please!


Regarding shaving, see: Is it unbiblical to shave my pubic hair for comfort reasons? I generally don’t recommend shaving your pubic hair. Shaving makes little nicks in the skin and it is easy for bacteria to find its way in. Since the groin is covered and moist, it means it is a ripe breeding ground for bacteria. Shaving your groin is not worth the effort.

Getting an erection is a normal response. You were shocked and embarrassed. That gets your heart beating faster for a short while. The shock involved the exposure of your genitals, which causes your body to trigger an erection. Your automatic response was not a sin. It was wrong, however, for your friend to embarrass you like that.

All men get larger testicles as they approach adulthood. See: How do you measure your testicles? What is slightly unusual is that you are about a year to two years ahead of the average for developing.