The calculator says I’m at 2.7 but I think I at stage 3

Last updated on August 26, 2020


The calculator said my tanner stage was 2.7 but I think I’m at tanner stage 3.


Without some additional information, I cannot state whether you are right or not. Remember that the calculator is an estimate. It isn’t a precise answer, mostly because it depends on the accuracy of your answers. But it is also dealing with a variety of ways to measure the stages. While a boy can be in stage 2 in regards to his rate of growth, he could be in stage 3 in regards to pubic hair. A 2.7 means you are near the end of stage 2, or another way to look at it: you have a mixture of traits, some point to stage 3, some to stage 2. At the moment a few more indicators are pointing to stage 2 than to stage 3. In six months or so, that will definitely shift and your answers will indicate you are in stage 3.

If there is a question that you think isn’t worded clearly or that is being weighed too heavily or too lightly, I would be happy to take that into consideration.


I have stage 3 pubic hair, but I don’t have all the characteristics of stage 3. I still have some of stage 2 but very few. That answers my question.