The upper half of my penis is darker in color than the lower half. Is there a way to remove the stain?

Last updated on August 21, 2020



I’m 15 years of age. Half of my penis, the upper half, is darkish in color and the lower half is fair. I am uncut by the way. I was wondering if I could use a bleaching cream like salicylic acid bleaching cream concentration 30% to remove the dark stain on the upper half of my penis. I am feeling really bad about going to a doctor to check it out and I have the salicylic cream home. I really want the stain to come out. Do you think I should use it on my penis or is it unsafe?


It is not only unsafe, but it is also unnecessary. Salicylic acid is used to treat acne. It causes the top layer of skin to come off, thus removing the skin cells that often clog pores when you are a teenager. It doesn’t bleach the skin but if used in high concentrations it will remove a tan because the layer of skin containing the pigments will be removed leaving the unexposed layer beneath to show through.

While people can get away with this on their arms and legs, your penis is a whole different matter. The skin on your arms and legs are thick. The skin on your penis is extremely thin. You can prove this to yourself by looking closely at your arm and then at your penis. Notice how much more you can see beneath the surface of the skin on your penis. If you use this on your penis it is going to hurt big time! Because you have removed the thin layer of protection from your penis. That is why the instructions that come with salycic acid creams say, “Avoid the eyes, mouth, lips, inside the nose, genitals, and anal areas when applying salicylic acid topical.”

And for all your pain, it won’t gain you what you want. I doubt you have been running around naked, so your penis isn’t darker on top because of a tan. What you are seeing is commonly called a birthmark. It is a section of skin that has more tiny blood vessels just below the surface and since the skin on your penis is so thin, you see them as a darker area. Since the skin replicates itself when it has been damaged, the blood vessels will remain and the skin will remain a darker color. That is why it says on the salicylic acid creams, “Do not use on moles or birthmarks, or warts with hair growing from them, red edges, or unusual color.”

Having a birthmark doesn’t make your penis ugly or non-functional. Since you keep it private anyway, few will ever know you have a birthmark there. And when you get married, your wife won’t care. I’m sure you might find a dermatologist (skin doctor) willing to take your money and remove the mark, but the procedures available are painful and are likely to cause scarring. You will find that reputable doctors will tell you not to worry about it because it isn’t worth changing.