Was this liquid urine or was it was semen?

Last updated on August 17, 2020


It’s been a long time since I last had a question, but today I have a question.

Four months ago, when I was almost 14, I started to pre-ejaculate, getting horny, and all that stuff. Now I’m 14 years old and it’s been two months since I last had any pre-ejaculate. Last week I started getting very, very horny and I wondered what was happening to me. Then I remembered your last e-mail and I reread how masturbating would lower my hormone pressure. So I masturbated for the first time today while I was taking a shower. As I was masturbating,  pre-ejaculate came out, but I kept on and then this white liquid comes shooting out. I thought I finally ejaculated, but this white liquid fell on my hand. I touched it and smell it and it smelled like urine. In fact, it was a whitish-yellow, though mostly white, color. It was also very liquid not even slimy or sticky. I kept on masturbating and lots more came out. About 30 minutes later, after I finished taking my shower, I urinated and it was the same liquid as the one that came out when I was masturbating. The hormone pressure was still very high and I’m still very horny.

It’s incredible how my penis has grown since five months ago. It has grown 2 cm longer.

My question is: “Was this liquid urine or was it was semen?” Because this liquid came out shooting out of my erected penis as if I was urinating right after the pre-ejaculate came out. I think semen usually comes out after the pre-ejaculate, but I’m not sure that this liquid was semen or if it was urine. It did look a lot like urine.

Can you answer me back as soon as you possibly can? Thanks.


There are three fluids that come from a man’s penis: urine, pre-ejaculate, and semen. Urine is a yellow-tinted clear liquid, pre-ejaculate is clear, a bit thicker than urine and feels slick to the touch, semen is even thicker is white to whitish-yellow in color.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

In the design of the male body, it is not possible for urine to flow from the bladder when you are sexually aroused. There are muscles in the prostate gland, just below your bladder, which act in a manner similar to a railroad switch. Either the pathway to the bladder is open or the pathway to the ejaculatory duct, but not both at the same time. Since you were engaged in masturbating, what came out after the pre-ejaculate was semen. The intense feeling that came with the ejaculation is called orgasm.


The smell of semen and urine can vary depending on what you have eaten in the recent past. The reason people mention semen feeling sticky is that semen contains a lot of sugars to feed the sperm in your semen. If you ever spilled a sugar-sweetened drink, you know that when you first wipe it up, it feels like any other liquid, but as the liquid begins to dry, it starts to feel sticky. The same is true for semen, but since you did this in the shower, you washed it off before it began to dry.

Also, since ejaculation is new to you, it is possible that all the various glands haven’t fully started operating. For instance, the prostate gland adds a gelatin-like substance to semen to make it temporarily thicker. If that gland hasn’t started making its full amount of chemicals yet, your semen can be of a different consistency.

Since semen is thicker than urine, it is very likely that some remain behind in the urethra (the tube in your penis). Generally, the Cowper’s glands continue to produce pre-ejaculate even after you ejaculate, which flushes the last of the semen out of the penis, but it doesn’t always happen.

Ejaculating doesn’t directly affect your hormones. What happens is that as the seminal vesicles get full, they press on a set of nerves which raises your sensitivity to sexual feelings (just as the bladder, when it gets full, presses on nerves that make you feel that you need to go to the restroom quickly). The more full the seminal vesicles become, the greater your sensitivity to sexual feelings. Since this is still new to you, your brain doesn’t have all the coordination of signals down well. Think of it as the switch was accidentally left on for a while. Since a single ejaculation doesn’t completely empty the seminal vesicles, your brain may be overreacting to signals that it is partially full.

It will take several weeks to several months for your body to coordinate all the new systems. Eventually, you will get into a steady rhythm, but for the moment it will yo-yo from overproduction to underproduction.


The reason I thought it was urine was because such a big quantity. like at least half a cup, came out. I thought usually when you ejaculate semen you tend to ejaculate a little quantity, not half a cup or more of semen. So that’s why I doubted that it was real semen .

Also is it normal that my penis has grown more than 2 cm longer in just 5 months? And is it normal that I’m getting more than 40 erections a day?


Not being there and not seeing what you saw, I cannot comment on the accuracy of your observations. Yes, typically your first ejaculation is more in quantity. That is because the seminal vesicles begin filling and it takes a bit for the brain to realize something needs to be done. Thus, they get over full. Plus, the brain also has trouble turning off once something starts. A typical ejaculation is a little less than a tablespoon of liquid. Since you have in the past told me you have a tendency to exaggerate, I would say that a half-cup is a bit too high of an estimate.

Yes, having numerous erections is quite normal for your stage of development. Now you know why so many boys complain about it. It will fade in about six months to a year. But it will continue to happen at awkward times even into your twenties.

Just as you can have a growth spurt in height, your penis grows in spurts as well. At this stage, the growth is mostly in length. In the next stage, it will grow mostly in circumference.