What is a sign that I’m done growing?

Last updated on August 27, 2020


I am 15 just about to turn 16. I am 6’1 and 200 lbs but I seem to be stuck there and have been for about a good six months. I’ve never had had to shave and my feet are only size ten. My dad is 6’3. What is a good sign I’m done growing?


Almost nothing that you listed are indications of physical maturity.

  • Age is only an extremely rough indicator because people mature at different times and different rates.
  • Current size doesn’t indicate potential size other than you won’t be getting shorter.
  • That you haven’t grown in six months might be an indication, but it could be that your body is working on internal changes at the moment and external changes will resume.
  • Facial hair is roughly some of the last to develop, but some people just don’t grow a lot of facial hair because of genetics.
  • Shoe size is definitely not an indicator. You will find tall people with small feet and short people with big feet.
  • Parent size might help, but only if you have the mother and father’s height. Take the average of the two heights and boys tend to be between the average and up to a foot taller, which is a big range.

Use the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys instead. When you get to 5, you are basically done growing upwards.