What parts of the body produce semen?

Last updated on August 5, 2020


What parts of the body produce semen?


Semen, the fluid that males ejaculate when they are sexually aroused and reach orgasm, is a composite of fluids from several parts of the body.

The bulk of the fluid ejaculated comes from the seminal vesicles They produce a sugar solution that gives the sperm energy for their long travel to find an egg to fertilize.

The sperm is produced in the testicles. The amount of sperm in each ejaculation is less than a droplet in size, yet that droplet will contain close to a half billion sperm cells. Your testicles produce about 100 million sperm per day. They travel through the epididymis to ripen and then move up the Vas Deferens to await ejaculation.

Some chemicals produced by the prostate gland shock the sperm into an active state. It also produces a liquid that thickens the semen temporarily to make it easier to ejaculate.