When I’m flaccid and I roll back my foreskin, it does not go underneath the glans

Last updated on August 22, 2020


I think I understand that everything is still developing, but will the glans bigger, and will the corona develop more? When I’m flaccid and I roll back my foreskin, it does not go underneath the glans, it goes around the corona. When erect and I fold it back it does the same. Will the glans develop more so that the foreskin can slot under the glans instead of going around the bottom?


Let me repeat back what I think you have said. You are uncircumcised. When you pull your foreskin back, the entire glans can’t be seen because the foreskin is attached at the bottom of the glans around the corona.

That is a problem that happens somewhat often. Normally the foreskin separates from the glans by the time you are five. The images on the right show what a fully retracting foreskin should look like. But in some boys, it doesn’t separate until adolescence. You can’t force the separation, doing so causes the skin to get irritated and they end up binding back together. It isn’t a big deal now, but it can be a problem when you are married and try to have sex. Pushing in will pull on the foreskin and might cause some tearing. Who wants their first experience at sex to be painful or uncomfortable? The other problem is that while your foreskin has a lot of give, for some boys as their penis gets larger they have less play in the foreskin. As a result, there is a remote chance in the future of you having a strong erection that causes the foreskin to pull on the glans and again causing discomfort or tearing.

So I’m going to give you some “exercises” to help encourage to foreskin to gently detach from the glans. While you are flaccid, take the end of your foreskin that sticks a bit past the end of your glans and gently pull away from your body. You’ll be surprised how far it can stretch. Only pull until it feels uncomfortable. It should not hurt. Do this several times. Also do it after using the toilet, when you’re getting dress, when you are in the shower, before you go to bed, when you first get up, or any other time you have privacy and can fit it in. The pull causes a shearing action between the foreskin and the glans without tearing.

Once every few days, pull the foreskin back as far as it will go without hurting. You are likely to see small progress as the skin begins to release. You might also see some smegma that had been trapped because the foreskin was stuck to your glans. If you do, just gently wash it warm water to soften and remove it.

Keep doing this until the glans is completely exposed and when you pull your foreskin back you no longer see a fold.

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