Why do I get upset over the littlest things?

Last updated on August 28, 2020


Why do I find myself getting upset over the littlest thing (math problems, getting stuff wrong, etc.)? I know about the moods swings associated with puberty, but how long is this going to last?

P.S. Your site helped me understand a lot of things! Thanks!


During adolescence, your male hormone levels rise from their low childhood levels to your adult levels. That rise is not steady because mechanisms for keeping the production steady is still underdevelopment. You are not used to the higher amounts of hormones and the constant changing levels makes it more difficult to get used them.

Hormone levels impact your moods, tending to amplify whatever you are feeling. I’m glad you are aware that it is happening because it means you can work at keeping your responses reasonable. Mood swings are present throughout adolescence because your hormone levels are changing, so it will last about eight to ten years. However, the worse period will be when you are going through your growth spurt in stage three, which typically lasts about two years. It is during stage three that your testosterone level increases the most.


Oh boy, according to your calculator I was a 1.8! I guess it’s going to get worse!

Thank you again!