If I lost weight, would my penis be bigger?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


Hello, I have a few questions and this might take a little time.

The first question is on the size of the penis and its correlation with weight. I heard that being overweight can make your penis size not only look small but the fat ‘hides’ some of the penis. I am an Asian (yes, I have seen the penis charts together with ethnics) 15 years old about 5′ 6” or 5′ 7” (sorry for the inaccuracy) and I weigh about 83 kg (183 lbs), probably more. I haven’t checked my weight, though it’s pretty obvious I am obese and I plan to start exercising soon.

This could be obviously true considering the layer of fat in my pelvic region. However, when I did try to push the fat inward to see how long my penis would increase in flaccid length and I do not see much difference. I doubt 4-inch erections be any different when I push the fat in. Now, does this mean when I lose weight, my penis size (erect and flaccid) will most likely stay the same size?

My second question would be quite a vague one. The Tanner Stage Calculator says I am 4.3, meaning I already gone through the rapid growth. However, I am left wondering: have I gone through a break with my growth spurt? My pubic hair is probably at its fullest with a happy trail. I have quite hairy legs but my armpit hair is fairly decent without much hair. I haven’t seen much change in my penis size either. Lately, I have been getting only 6 hours of sleep on average during school days, and, as mentioned in my first question, lack of exercise. I’m is quite stressed because of exams.

Though Stage 4 is mostly about widening, will my penis continue growing longer and my height continues to grow? This, of course, if I start to sleep more and exercise more. Or will it be too late?

Thank you.


At 5’7″ you should be below 167 lbs or 76 kg. An ideal weight would be 151 lbs or 69 kg. You should lose weight and exercise more because it is healthier, not to make your penis appear bigger. I cannot estimate how much longer your erect penis would appear to be if you lost weight. It would not likely make a difference in your flaccid penis size as that varies anyway.

A male still grows during stage four, but not nearly as much because growth is winding down. Having an interrupted growth spurt would be rare and you have plenty of other indications that you are into stage four. You can expect to put on another 1 to 3 inches during this stage. Your penis might get a bit longer, but probably not enough to tell. You are already within the normal range for males (between 4 and 8 inches). Those of Asian heritage do tend to be a bit smaller.