Should I see my doctor about my nightfall problem?

Last updated on August 29, 2020


I am a 24 year old male, unmarried. I have some sexual problems:

I have a nightfall problem. It mostly occurs 3 or more times a week, though sometimes it is only 2 times a week. It mostly changes with the climate. Sometimes it happens during the day or in the afternoon if I nap. Sometimes I see bad dreams. sometimes I don’t know when it happens.

Is this normal? Because of this problem I sometimes fear to sleep in the afternoon or day time.

When I have an ejaculation, the next morning I feel some pain in the penis.

Should I visit the doctor?

Kindly help me with your suggestion.


What is called a nightfall problem in India is called a wet dream or a nocturnal emission in the United States. Wet dreams are just a fact of being male. See: How nocturnal emissions happen.

If you are only feeling discomfort after ejaculating at night, most likely the cause is that your body is holding your erections for a long time. Erections are caused by blood inflating the penis, but since the blood is trapped in the penis, it can’t be re-oxygenated. Erections that last longer than 30 minutes typically cause discomfort.

A visit to the doctor will just confirm you are a normal, healthy male.